Monday, July 9, 2012

Playhouse Remodel

Over the weekend I decided to give my kids playhouse a serious update.  I originally found this play house on Craigslist for $100.  They normal sell for $300 new so I though it was a bargain, although I'm sure if I spent more time looking I could have found one for cheaper.  The colors aren't the most attractive so I found some nice colored plastic spray paint for $5 a can (I used 6 cans total).

Here are my before, during, and after's:

I got the flowers and rabbit figurine from the dollar store and the door mat was only $3.  The spray paint I used is Kryon plastic spray paint.  They have a large selection of colors so you can make the house fit you personality easily.  My only advise is not to spray paint in 110 degree weather like I did.  Whoa! What was I thinking?  Good thing the paint dries very quickly so it wasn't too time consuming.

All total the house was ONLY $140 and super easy to make.  My kids better will love it for a long time to come I'm sure.