Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIY Home Decor and More

Here are some home decor inspirations of mine this week.  I cant wait to get some time to do some of them.  Most of these are nature inspired home crafts because I love how peaceful it makes my house feel.  I try and find ideas that are easy and inexpensive so have a gander!  Enjoy your Wednesday!

I'm in love with this one!  Just need to find a place for it in the home.

This one is from the same website but I love it too

I want to make a little hideaway office like this! So cute!

I like this idea because If you are like me you have a closet full of left over scrap booking paper.  I love the scrap book paper that I use for my kids baby books so much I'm glad this idea is a way to use some of it... and it will also have sentimental value which I like.

I love this one and actually plan on doing a craft similar very soon (but on a much smaller scale) thanks to my friend Leslie who gave me the idea!

Also... here are a few non-decor finds but I must have them!

  • This dress is the cutest baby dress I have ever seen!
  • This ENTIRE line of yoga clothing would make me a happy person. (and its organic)
  • And... are I really like these but wonder if they are borderline dorky?  I like them for myself but also think they would make a great baby shower gift.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy ♥ Day

Hope everyone enjoys their Valentines Day today!

I spent my Sunday afternoon making a cute valentines banner that I wanted to share with everyone. It was fun and I think you might enjoy the idea because you can do it for any occasion. First... go to this website I love so much and choose some prints you want to use. Then...print how ever many different patterns you want to use and cut out double sided shapes of your choosing from the paper. Glue the double sided shapes together with sting in the middle and let the string slightly come out in a hoop shape so your finished product looks like an ornament. Lastly... string the ornaments on some ribbon or hemp or whatever you want (string them one at a time and tie them so they stay in place). Now... hang and adore! Super cute and easy.

Hope everyone enjoys their love day. I will be spending my evening with these two little love muffins and the hubby.
(Austin was having WAY too much fun taking these photos)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Craft of the Week
{Crackle Paint Picture Frame}

Okay, so I'm pretty much obsessed with these picture frames from Michael's that you can create whatever you want with so here are some more of them I made.

What You'll Need:

1. Unfinished picture frames, mirrors, boxes, or whatever you want to paint
2. A base paint
3. Crackle paint (I got mince from Michael's)
4. I thick strong paint brush or a cutting knife

Hot To Make It:
1. Paint the unfinished wood with your base coat and let dry completely

2. With your strong paint brush or cutting knife add on a thick layer of the crackle paint. If you do the layer too thin it doesn't crackle very well.

3. Let the crack paint dry thoroughly (mine took a day before I got the cracking effect)

4. Hang and ENJOY! I really like the way this looked when finished.

I did the same thing with this one shown below, except I used a heart shaped picture frame. I thought this would be a great valentines gift (although I ended up liking mine too much and now have it on my desk at work)

One last note... If you want the base color of your frame to show through more you can take a wet wash cloth and rub the edges of the frame to give it a nice worn look and make the color underneath show a bit more.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bike Ridin' Maniacs

We spent a day at a lovely park with tons of bike riding trail the other day. Its crazy that it seems like just yesterday Aaron was riding around with Austin in the baby seat of the bike and now we have a new baby sitting there! Any my first baby rides his own bike! It's madness when I take a second to think about how fast time is flying by.
But back to the park... We rode along the trail which was lots of fun and we ended up going through a tunnel which brought us to U-Swirl. I'm not sure if any of you have been there but if not you should go! It was the most amazing frozen yogurt ever and it was pretty cheap. Plus the kids loved it and I didn't feel like I was feeding them poison.
All-in-all it was a lovely day so I wanted to share a few pics.
Enjoy your week!

Here is a picture of Aaron and Austin about 2 years ago...
And here is a current picture of Aaron and Savannah.
(Seriously- where does the time go?????)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Oregon Coast!

Here are some of the MANY picture I took while on vacation at the Oregon coast with my Mom and her husband and my hubby and kids. We had such an amazing time absorbing all the Oregon beauty. It reminds me so much of twilight! We got the neatest little beach house with a awesome ocean front view. I have never woken up to such an amazing sight as the sun coming up on the ocean. The sky had a blanket of grey clouds pretty much the entire trip but being from Vegas I loved it! The kids had a great time and surprisingly kept their fussiness to a tolerable minimum.
The picture below is the view from the beach house window.

Here is a picture of our "beach access stairs". Needles to say the beach wasn't as accessible as we hoped be we went around to the next beach entry and all was well. I can't was still amazing.

That lighthouse in the distance we took a tour of. Well actually everyone else took a tour of while I waited in the car with the babies because nobody shorter then 42" was allowed to go up the stairs of the lighthouse.

These pictures are from the aquarium we went too. It was oodles of fun. Notice how austin is climbing on a rock with a sign on it that says "don't climb on the rocks".

These are the lighthouse pictures. It was so windy Austin was literally almost blown away. He even said at one point "Hold on to me mommy before I blow away!!".