Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Craftin' Time!

I bought a can of chalkboard paint a long time ago and have been trying to find ways to use it.  This, my blog friends, is one of those ways.  Super easy and cheap.  I bought a picture from the dollar store, which I use to have hanging up but decided it would make a much better chalk board than cheesy wall art.  I simply removed the paper from the wood so that way the paint would bond. I painted a few coats and that was it!  Cute and nifty right?


Alexa said...

Oh my gosh it came out great and it seems like it would be really useful.

Amy Stewart said...

Great idea! I am actually working on a DIY right now. I want to do a half chalkboard, half cork board. Just need to buy the chalkboard paint. I want to paint some squares in my kid's room as well so my son has somewhere to scribble. :)