Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marathon & Fundraising Progress

Not too much new info to share regarding my running and fund raising.  I'm ashamed to say I have not raised any more money but I am proud to say that what I have raised is $945 which is a lot more then zero!  I get excited to think how this money can really help a child's wish come true.

With the running, it is going amazing.  I love running more and more.  My runs are getting longer and longer and I am up to 8 miles.  Its crazy to think how I use to feel like a 5k was such a long distance and now I can run almost triple that without getting winded. Something I have realized through my running is how you have to take care of your body!  I wasn't too concerned with what I was hydrating my body with and how I use fueling it before, but now that I'm getting up there to those longer distances I can see how important it is!  If I eat like poop the day before or the day of a run I feel like poop the entire run and my body suffers. The benefit of this realization is that its easier to make healthier eating choices because I know the effect of a poor choice.

So that's that.  It's going good all in all.  Now the wheels in my heard are turning about doing an entire marathon one day (don't get ahead of yourself Cassy, you haven't even ran your half yet!).  My main dilemma with that thought is the time!  Who has the time to train for one of those?  Or better yet...what mother of two babies has the time to train for one?  It's probably one of those thing that I need to set aside until the youngins are raised.  Unless there is a secret to making time for training without compromising valuable time with the babies and quitting the day job?  I'm all ears....

Hope you all are having a great's halfway over!


Anonymous said...

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Cassy said...

Thanks! And yes, you can follow my blog by email. If you look to the right of my page there is a space to enter your email address where it say "follow by email". Hope that helps!

Thanks for reading!


Fashion-isha said...

Hi! Just came across your blog and I love finding other Mom bloggers who love all the things you love. You don't sound old at! I'm so impressed with your running, I know how good it is. I started to train for a marathon last year but ended up quitting. When I do get out there and run I feel my most healthy! Nice to meet you...I'm a new follower!

AaReAn said...

Gosh, I ran a half marathon and THAT was hard. But one day my goal is a full one! Keep it up girl!

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