Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Craft of the Week - Tea Dying / Pillow Case Making

I finally had some time this weekend to to a little crafty craft.  I came across this idea for tea dying on the Internet and love it!  I hate using normal dye, it smells, it stains, and its a pain to do.  Dying with tea is easy, cheap, and i good way to make your whites look antique.  The instructions are very simple.  All you need are some tea bags (about 3 of them but you can use more if you want a deeper color), and a pot to boil the tea in.  Here are me easy instruction:

  • Pre-soak you items in cold water, this helps the dye evenly saturate your item.
  • Boil a big pot of water with your tea in it, remove the tea bags before you add your item.
  • add whatever it is you are dying and let boil until you get your desired color.  Keep in mind that when you rinse it the color will be a little lighter then what you see when you immediately remove your item from the pot of tea.  I boiled mine for 5 minutes to achieved a subtle cream color.
  • ring out your item and put it in the wash rinse cycle on cold 
  • tumble dry no heat until thoroughly dry...that's it! (if you want to be like me and paint what you dye, DO NOT use fabric spray paint because it bled into my fabric and got splatters everywhere.  Probably my fault for being careless but lesson learned!  I would recommend using a regular fabric paint with a thicker texture to avoid bleeding.)

I'm adding pictures on here of my sewing process for the pillow case I made to dye.  If you want to take a stab at this it was really easy.  You just measure, fold, and sew (all straight lines)!  Also... I'm not including the pictures of my finished product because I kind of ruined it with the paint, But I will be making another soon and hopefully it turns out better and I will share it.


Dilan Dilir said...

great DIY:)

Samantha said...

I love this DIY! This is definitely something I will do in the future!! Thanks for sharing, and for your nice comment you left on my blog!!! :)