Monday, July 11, 2011

My Crazy Kiddo

My son Austin is such an amazing kid, honestly.  He is sooo smart and so sweet when he wants to be.  I love this kid so much it literally hurts.  I feel like I have such an amazing bond with him but lately I feel like parenting him is such a challenge.  If you know me I'm sure I have talked your ear off about this already but here is my dilemma...

He is so hyper active and high strung, he has a very hard time paying attention or focusing on anything for a long period of time.  He is very disobedient and it seems like he ENJOYS being mean.  If I have anybody over and they say "Hi Austin!", instead of him saying hi, he will make this spit noise thing with his tongue and pout.  I get so frustrated because I want everyone to see this sweet side of him that it seems like only I know exists.  I want him to make friends at school and be able to interact with everyone in a "normal" way.  I focus a lot on my parenting and disciple methods and I literally feel like I have tried everything.  I love spending time with my children, but in all honesty sometimes it's hard to enjoy my time with my son because it feels like every minute is a struggle.  I hate feeling like this and I hate to think that maybe he isn't enjoying his child hood. Do any of the other moms out there ever feel like this?  Because, really,  it makes me feel like a bad mom sometime. It feels like I am the only one having these issues.

This is my first child.  I have no other three year olds to compare him to other then the children at school who seem a lot more mild then my son.  Is this typical three year old behavior?  I feel like I could be completely content and fine having a child who is hard to handle if I knew that this was normal and it should pass.  What bothers me is thinking, what if this isn't normal? Is he going to have to struggle throughout his entire life?  I always am wondering things like, does he have ADHD, and if he did would I even be willing to medicate?  Which leads me to my next dilemma...

I have been considering the fact that maybe he does have ADHD (which they wont test for until 5 I hear) and have been reading up on diets to help.  I recently read that a food allergen can cause hyperactivity or trigger ADHD, and that sometimes a good indication a child is allergic to something is if they are addicted to it.  Austin has this type of relationship with milk.  I mean literally, the kid drinks at least six cups of milk a day.  So, I thought it would be worth a try to eliminate milk from his diet (started that on Thursday).  This has been a challenge in itself but I think I notice a slight difference.  I think I will give it until the end of the week to really gauge his behavior.  I think the next step if I don't see improvement will be to eliminate all precessed food and added sugars, and anything with food dyes, which I read can all be triggers of ADHD as well. So that's where I stand, and I feel a little silly and obsessive/crazy about it but I figure even if this is just typical three year old behavior, a good diet can't hurt.  SO... please share with me your experience with your toddler because I could really use some words of advise.  Or even just to know that what I'm dealing with is normal!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!



rosewendy said...

One of my grandsons sounds a little like you son. He was always a bit different and difficult and was eventually diagnosed with an autism disorder. I always though autistic kids sat in a corner and rocked- like on the tv- but that is not the case at all, there are lots of different 'symptoms' sometimes hard to pinpoint.
I hope your little boy is just a normal, if mischievous fellow, but don't give up looking for help if you think you need it.
It took my daughter a long time to get help because her son seemed to be just a 'naughty' boy and she got the feeling that she was seen as someone who ought to manage him better (be more consistent, discipline properly etc etc) but we knew different. It would have been nice, and helpful, to get advice and assistance sooner.

Ajax said...

Hi! I found your blog on Previously Owned, thought I'd give you a follow!

On kids..I have older kids, and just remind yourself that "this too shall pass" (that's helpful for me anyhow). I hope your little guy grows out of his tough phase real soon!

Ellie said...

Hi Cassy! Thank you for sharing this about your son!! He sounds like he'd still be such a sweetheart at heart :) Hmmm I really really want you to take this comment with a tiiiiiiny grain of salt and the last thing I want to do is worry you unnecessarily!! OKAYY? so here goes. BTW! I'm not a mom even though I am around children quite a bit.

I'm wondering if you've considered taking him to a specialist of some kind? Perhaps a speech therapist? I'm not sure if you've ever written whether he talks or not, or in what manner he talks. You see, I do part time work with an autistic sweet boy and I've studied it a little at school. Now, I'm not saying he IS autistic and God willing he is totally healthy and all! But you can assess him by having him say certain sentences/phrases, see if he has unique patterns during playtime or perhaps a particular action he does over and over and over. EX: spinning around forever or something. Does he make eye contact? Does he seem to have color/visual/touch sensitivity? For the most part, can he express his thoughts/emotions?

You may be able to assess him on your own, and if or anything springs up, then you can do whatever you feel led to. I don't want to scare you and I hope this helps!! I will pray for you today so that you'll continue to be the great mom you already seem to be. :D So patient!

And perhaps, this whole comment was just too dramatic and all he has is just too much excitement :P