Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY Home Decor & More

I love this simple idea for fabric wall hangings.  I also had a modification idea for this project to save a bit more money.  I though maybe instead of using the embroidery hoops you could take plastic plates and cover them with fabric using a hot glue gun  to secure the fabric in the back.  I think it would look just as appealing and nobody would notice!
 This ceiling fan chandelier is a great way to dress up your drab and dreary ceiling fan.  I know sometimes when you are living in a rented space you cant always rip the fan out and put in a new one so this is a good way to spruce up an old outdated fan.
This one I have made and did a post on (see below for my cheaper version of this project).  This is a great way to organize your kids art and I'm sure your little one will feel proud with his work on display for all to see.


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The clip boards are way cute!

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