Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY Home Decor & More

I'm really loving this idea for upcycling cardboard tubes.  Where can you find cardboard tubes one might ask?  I think the best place to try and find some are home repair stores and fabric store. Ask them if they have any that they are getting rid of and they probably will gladly give them to you.  These wall tube shelves might also look really cool painted, what do you think?
 I like this clock re-do idea.  I think its an easy way to tie in some color schemes of a room are maybe just to add some extra color.
 And my personal favorite find of today are these DIY upside down planters!  How cute are these?  And you can also do them in the kitchen with herbs and cut fresh herbs as you cook. Love love love it!

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Babycakes said...

Wow - I LOVE the cardboard tube organizer idea. It would be perfect right by the front door to hold all the stuff that usually ends up on the floor. Definitely going to try this before the Winter!!