Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When taking the kids to preschool in the morning we see a big hot air balloon in the the same place practically every day.   I love when we see it because the expression on the kids faces (particularly my 3 year old) is priceless.  Its a moment when he experiences complete amazement.  It's in these moment that I am reminded how beautiful life is and I take a step out of my hectic-crazy-mom-on-the-go-stressed-out-woman state of mind (and it feels so good to be able to do that, even if only for a moment).  EVEN when it feels like the world is a tough ugly place and life isn't where you want it to be,  you have to remember how beautiful life really is, ego and all that aside.  Kids look at everything through new eyes.  They stare at these big bright objects in the sky thinking "wow that is awesome".  If we (us adults) could just remember to be more childlike from time to time and enjoy these beautiful things in life that for some reason we forget to enjoy and don't notice are could do us a world of good. 

I also wanted to share with you guys this amazing website that has panoramic view of all kinds of places.  This one in particular is my favorite because it ties into my balloon topic.  Do you self a favor and check this website out... not to sound cheesy but its like taking a mini vacation at your desk! No joke. Am I the only one that thinks the website is so amazing?  I do tend to get overly excited about things.


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Ashley said...

Such cool images! I love photography so much!


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