Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fathers Day DIY Ideas

Fathers day is this weekend, hope you are all prepared!  If not that's okay!  I will share a few ideas a came across for easy DIY fathers day projects.

This first one is adorable...actually they are all adorable but I think this is a good one for a dad that could use some decluttering or a dad who has a lot of stuff to carry back and fourth to wherever.
 I think this hand wrapped chocolate bar would be a great one for those of you that know how to make your own chocolate goodies!  If not, you can still do it by just buying dads favorite chocolate bar and re-wrapping it.
 This website is great and full of a lot of clever ideas such as this picture clip board.
 This is from the same website as the photo above. What father wouldn't love something as simple as having his shirts cleaned and pressed at the dry cleaner? 
Lastly, this photo montage is so cute and I think any dad or grandpa would love to have one.

That's all! I hope all you deserving fathers out there have an amazing fathers day full of lot of love!