Friday, March 25, 2011

DIY Home Decor and More (Spring Inspired!)

I like how simple this coat/bag rack is.  I think you can find a place in pretty much every home for something like this whether it be by the front door, in a closet, in a baby or toddlers room.  I can think of a ton of great ideas for this.  And its cheap!  You just need wood, knobs, paint and a little imagination!
This one is so cute!  The instruction look a little intimidating but if you have a little time and patience I think it would be well worth the try! Im definitely going to take a stab at this one.
This cute idea comes from a cute blog full of a ton more great ideas.
This is a fabulous idea with spring now here! Great way to add some extra color to a dull space.
Here is another spring idea.  I think this butterfly bouquet would be great not only for a wedding but you can also put it in a vase to add color to a room or use it as an accent in a little girls room. Adorable! 

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Chelsea said...

I've been meaning to make that subway art. Just haven't gotten around to it.