Friday, December 31, 2010

The week of firsts...

I am amazed with my daughter. Last week, not only did she learn how to crawl and is now an advance crawler, she got her first tooth! And it doesn't stop there...she slept through the entire night for the first time too! Words cannot express how excited I am to be getting a little extra sleep at night. And I cannot believe how quickly my little pumpkin pie is growing! It is amazing to watch these kids grow and develop their personalities and become individuals. In another sense it is sad because I want her to stay my little squishy baby forever! But I just need to remind myself that even though she is rapidly growing out of infancy each stage of life offers sweet moments of joy and excitement.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Craft of the Week!

{Coffee Cozy}

This one was super easy and cheap to make or free if you have the materials.

All you need is:

1. An old (kid sized) sweater with tightly knit fabric. If you have a different material you would like to use anything will work. If you use a thin fabric you can layer it several times to create the thickness needed.

2. Felt pieces. These can be bought at any craft store for less the $.50
3. Safety pins

4. Scissors

How to:
1. Cut a portion of the sleeve off about 3 inches thick

2. Cut out a heart or any desired shape in the felt

3. Pin your felt shape to the cut piece of the sleeve

5. Put your coffee cozy on your coffee cup and enjoy.

If you are using a mug and want a coffee cozy that fits around the handle you can cut the coffee cozy up the middle and add a button and button hole so you can button the coffee cozy around the cup and through the handle. If you are having problems with the material fraying you can also add a stitch around the edges of the cozy and the button hole.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I feel like it was just yesterday I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl. I was so happy to be having another baby and envisioned her and Austin playing together and her romping around on the ground learning how to get into things. I never imagined that day would come so fast! Savannah is already crawling and she took her first uncoordinated wobbly crawling step on Tuesday. I'm excited to watch Savannah grow and see how her little personality develops but I just wish she could stay a infant a little longer! I already know I'm going to miss these days and I'm trying to cherish every moment.

Here are some pictures of the little creepy crawler. These are actually the pictures I took the night that she started crawling so the are very special to me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas this year has been amazing. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier then seeing how excited the kids (mostly Austin) get when we teach them about the holiday traditions and Santa Clause and leaving out the milk and cookies and all the other fun Christmasy things. I have forgotten what it feels like to be so excited on Christmas eve that you can barely sleep. But it was good to experience Christmas through a kids eyes this year, they remind me that life doesn't have to be so serious all the time! This coming year one of my resolutions is to be more childlike.

I am also so thankful that I was able to share my Christmas with my sister who is also my best friend. Our father passed away this year and it has really made me realize how special the bond of brothers and sisters are. I love all my siblings and I am so blessed to have them. I know if my dad is watching down on us he would be very happy to see the unity he brought to our family.

I was able to get some very cute pictures of my sister and the babies and myself. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet the Kids

...For Starters...

This is just a simple blog of my life and lessons I have to learn and grow from along the way... Hope you enjoy. {And as a fair warning, you'll probably be hearing about and seeing photos of my kids. Alot.}